A poetic vision of an uncertain future and a reflection on our present, the TRACES art installation challenges visitors and raises awareness about the growing threat to ecosystems caused by climate change.

Canada Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

The formal and conceptual interpretation of a murmuration of birds, fossilized mid-flight, takes the form of a family of artifacts that bear witness to the accelerated extinction of threatened species. Composed of eight (8) complementary experiences, the art installation creates a sense of wonder, that provokes feelings of emotional attachment, and encourages collective and individual participation — all with the desire to humbly add our voice to the chorus of those seeking to inspire the will to act on an international scale.

Developed around the idea of the imminent disappearance of natural landscapes and living species, the artwork presents immersive and interactive experiences to emphasize the value of an inclusive, intimate and necessary dialogue between humans and nature.


Étienne Paquette
Multimedia design and art direction
Rami Bebawi
Concept, creative art direction and production design (KANVA)
Javier Asencio
Composer and sound designer
Serge Maheu
Multimedia technincal director and integrator
Carine Khalife
Visual artist
Olga karpova
Architect; creative project manager (KANVA)
André Picard
Producer (ONF)
Benoît Lemieux
General manager and cofounder (CREOS)
Agnès Omer
Senior project manager, operations and production (CREOS)

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