The sea inside

An island in the Pacific suffers the devastation of a climatic catastrophe. A family sees its house drifting away and undertakes a great immigration journey to Lac Saint-Jean. Kaori's mother tells us about this journey, haunted by the tragedy they have lived through and carried by the dream of a sea where there will never be another tsunami, a sea... inside.

This immersive fiction film, evoking the spirit of water and revealing the riches of Lac-Saint-Jean, is based on the techniques of line drawing, watercolor, stop motion animation and 360° filming. Set in an old water tower, perched 80 feet in the air, The Inland Sea will transport you between the earth and the sky, across the waters of lakes and rivers, to meet the inhabitants of the region.

The adventure in the water tower begins with a poetic interactive experience around the link between the depths of water and memory. You are invited to explore memories, drop by drop, as if navigating through the images collected by the family on their journey.


Étienne Paquette
Director and screenwriter
Carolina Iregui
Assistant director
Production Manager
Carine Khalifé
Artistic director of animations
Animator and video editor
Javier Asencio
Musical director
Sound design and spacialization
Additional music
Robert R. Pelletier
Dildel Lavoie-Caceres
Simon Perrier
Technical Director

Produced by