The Reminder

A film by Shahriar Adham El Kosht

The Reminder follows Guy, a young Ontarian who loses his way in the middle of the woods of Quebec while trying to make it to a friend's anniversary. After a long and helpless walk Guy finds shelter in a very special place. A series of scary events occur, putting his life to threat.

CREDITS (non-exhaustive)

Written & Directed By:
Adham El Kosht
Shahriar El Kosth, Jean-Philippe Gagnon,
Akio Sato, Benoit Rivard, Ryuto Kerwin

Director of photography
François Ozan
Music composed by
Javier Asencio
Sound designer & Foley Artist
Andrée Anne Tremblay
Assistant Director
Benoit Rivard
Adham El Kosht

Episode 1 : Anniversary

Episode 2 : Lake

Episode 3 : Fire

Episode 4 : Road