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Migrations is an immersive art installation that tells the story of the drama experienced by women, men and children who are forced to take the great international migration routes in order to reach lands of asylum that have become almost mythical. By mixing graphic animation, technological craftsmanship, sculptural approach and fictional writing, the intention is to deliver a poetic vision of this contemporary tragedy, free from the frameworks of media dissemination that exhaust and instrumentalize it.

A free interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's romantic tale The Ugly Duckling, Migrations tells the story of a young swan forced to flee his village after his parents are murdered. His journey leads him to meet Lucien, the ferryman, and to join a strange journey in which each traveler, rejected from the world, has only his own story to tell. Together, they undertake a desperate crossing of the sea.

The story, which lasts approximately eight minutes, is both conveyed and staged through an immersive, aerial-looking sculpture that gives visitors the impression of moving through the sky with the main characters, birds. An innovative broadcasting and graphic animation technology, used for the first time, allows three-dimensional animated images to appear in a fiber optic cloud around which people move.


Étienne Paquette
Author, designer and director
Marc Bertrand
Solen Labrie Trépanier
Associate Producer
Javier Asencio
Music and sound design
Fred Tretout
Interactivity programming and graphic animation
Carine Khalifé
Storyboard in pencil and watercolor

A work by Étienne Paquette

Produced By