Wind instrument

An interactive installation that borrows from sculpture and generative art, Wind Instrument creates soothing musical sounds from ambient noise. Made up of six steel ventilation tubes positioned vertically, like fanciful organ pipes, this 28-foot-high work, made up of six steel air ducts, analyzes harmonic frequencies and the intensity of the sound environment to create music. The audience can thus play the device as if it were an instrument and reproduce harmonies. Lighting effects emphasize the device’s musical output. Wind Instrument also keeps a record of the sound levels it picks up, creating an archive that can help inform our thinking on urban noise.

Wind Instrument began with a reflection on the absurdity of seeking silence in spaces where noise is ubiquitous. If we can’t silence the world, we can at least play with the sounds it generates. Here, the hum of the city becomes the driving force behind an installation that allows the public to harmoniously blend in with the sonic landscape. Wind Instrument is a civic invitation to listen and act on the sound environments we inhabit.


Etienne Paquette
Design and art direction
Mélanie Crespin
Scenographic design
Philippe Hughes
Sound design and interactivity programming
Vincent Paquette
Technical Direction
Javier Asencio
Music Consultant and Research
Vincent Pasquier
Multimedia Consultant

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