Album H O R I Z O N S

Since 2014, Javier Asencio has been collaborating with the prestigious Buzz, brass quintet, for which he composes and arranges chamber and orchestral music.

"A great ambassador of Nuevo tango, Astor Piazzolla introduced this style to the world to and achieved fame through compositions that took tango from the dance hall to the concert hall. For Piazzolla hora cero was the time after midnight, an hour of absolute ending and of absolute beginning.”

"In that spirit, our arranger and friend Javier Asencio has bent his talent to a piece that somewhat symbolizes the time when he moved from Argentina to Montréal, when he first began to work with Buzz. Asencio, himself a composer and jazz pianist, creates a wonderful synergy between the tango and the brass instruments. With the contribution of the talented percussionists who join us here, this medley of several pieces captures the spirit, flexibility, and gusto of Piazzolla’s style and opens the door to entirely new musical horizons."

September 2021 Buzz Brass

"The Argentinian milonga is a dance characterized by a repeating, syncopated bass line that acts like an extended leitmotiv. Milongas come in several styles with faster or slower tempos. Milonga del Ángel is of the slower type, featuring an ethereal mood and languorous solos that take heart and mind on a journey."

September 2021 Buzz Brass

"Born in 1930, talented French jazz pianist Claude Bolling founded his first ensemble at the age of 16. Emulating Duke Ellington, he created the Claude Bolling Big Band in 1956. After working with numerous popular artists, he achieved fame by composing several “crossover” works that blend musical styles, including Toot Suite, written for renowned trumpet player Maurice André. The work highlights the trumpet, which plays in the Baroque style against a jazz backdrop. This excerpt is Buzz Brass’s tribute to the great Bolling, who passed away in December 2020."

September 2021 Buzz Brass