Beyond the Ice

Canadian Museum of Nature

The Arctic is changing like never before. Scientific data shows the shifts, and the people on the ground bear witness. The new reality is giving rise to both concern and hope. Look at the ice sculpture; touch it, its evocation of Arctic ice swept away by a swell of the water, the weather. The images that come up to the surface tell of a diversity of landscapes and living things in the Arctic regions. Here is a world that draws on its heritage to open up to its future. The Canada Goose Arctic Gallery is the Canadian Museum of Nature’s contribution to the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Visitors are immersed in the natural landscapes and biodiversity of the Arctic, through specimens, artifacts and interactive features, and with the voices and perspectives of the people who live in the North. The exhibit is intended to encourage reflection on the effects of the changes the Arctic has experienced, is experiencing, and will continue to experience.

“It's living art as the ice melts, regenerates and melts again,” explains Artistic Director Étienne Paquette as he removes his hand from one of the plaques where it has left a mark. “By touching the ice, you’re transported into the Arctic,” he says. “Then it's a window by which you see another Arctic, beyond the ice.”


Étienne Paquette
Design and art direction
Glenn Gear
Animation, illustration
Javier Asencio
Composition, sound design and spacialization
Philippe Hughes
Interactivity programming
Vincent Paquette
Technical direction


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